LAHORE - The Walled City of Lahore Authority is starting a Tonga Tourism service from August 14 on different routes with a cultural touch of décor and kochwan.

Tonga tours will be accompanied by the tourist guide of WCLA who will narrate interesting stories to the tourists while sightseeing. The tours will be starting from the Fort Road Food Street from 7pm till midnight on Saturdays and Sundays only. The booking of the tours can be done on the spot, as well as through the WCLA tourism office.

The three selected routes for the Tonga tourism are : Route 1: Inside Food Street, Pani Wala Talab, Musical Instruments Market, Phajja Pai Wala, Khussa Market, Taxali Gate, and back to Food Street; Route 2: Taxali to Royal Trail 1 hour Food Street, Rim Market, Sheranwala Gate, Dehli gate, Royal Bath, Wazir Khan, Sunheri Masjid, Rang Mahal, Phajja Pai Wala, Khussa Market, Taxali Gate, and back to Food Street; Route 3: 12 gates 1 hour Food Street, 12 gates tour ends at Food Street.

“Tonga tourism will provide a rekindle to a fading away culture, and eventually those tongas are going out of business from the walled city of Lahore will be revived,” WCLA Director General Kamran Lashari told the media. “This is one way of saving our culture and tradition.” Deputy Director (Media) Tania Qureshi said: “We have specially decorated these tongas for the tourists. We tried to get in the residents of the walled city who run tongas and convinced them on starting this tourism service from 14th August 2016.” She added that the authority has directed the tonga riders to take special measures regarding hygiene.