Given onslaught of viscous allegations and counter allegations by politically driven social media cells of contesting political parties and manner in which few politicians resort to compulsive abusive language at certain times of day, it would be advisable to ensure that mandatory drug addiction tests for consumption of cocaine, heroin or anti depressant drugs be made compulsory for all desirous of holding constitutional public offices. After all no sane person would consider it appropriate to have an alcoholic or heroin addict sitting in President, PM or CM House, nor be a Speaker or member of cabinet.

Pakistan’s sovereignty stands compromised, inspite of our nuclear deterrence and security apparatus, because economically we are slave to international financial institutions. Our elected and paid ruling elite lead ostentatious opulent lifestyles at taxpayer’s account, which cannot even be dreamed by their likes in developed world. Economic constraints and ill-advised priorities have resulted in hardly any substantial rise in government owned subsidized schools, colleges, hospitals in major cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad etc to cater for rise in population, while number of Golf courses built on land given at subsidized rates for use by non-taxpaying elite has risen.

If only Election Commission of Pakistan would have dared to scrutinize nomination forms of contestants in accordance with State Bank and FBR list of Bank Loan Defaulters, Tax Evasion, Money Laundering etc; Pakistan would not have been in critical near collapse economic state. As long as Land mafia and big contractors continue to exercise their influence on political parties and their leaders through massive funding and offering them executive jets etc, Pakistan will continue to suffer at hands of economic terrorists who have harmed this country more than our known external enemies.


Lahore, July 21.