SIALKOT-The Pakistan Council for Social Welfare and Human Rights (PCSWHR) said that Pakistan was protecting the rights of minorities and providing them with maximum opportunities to play their pivotal role in the national affairs.

PCSWHR Chairman Muhammad Ejaz Noori stated this while addressing the participants of a largely attended “Hum Sub Ka Pakistan Conference” held under the auspices of PCSWHR.

He added that the minorities always sacrificed a lot for strengthening Pakistan and establishing the sustainable peace through curbing the menace of terrorism in the country.

Caretaker of Babey Di Beri Gurudawara Sialkot Sardar Jaskaran Singh Sidhu said that said that the minorities have been given the equal rights in the country as elaborated in the Constitution of Pakistan.

He said that establishment of durable peace, elimination of terrorism, religious harmony and freedom, respect of the humanity and tolerance could help get Pakistan rid of terrorism.

Addressing the participants, Bishop of Sialkot Church of Pakistan Alwin Samuel said that the minorities have been enjoying complete religious freedom and their rights in Pakistan. He said that the government was making all out sincere efforts for provision and protection of their basic rights to the minorities in the country.

Deputy Director Social Welfare Department Sialkot Jamshaid Bashir said that every religion gives the lesson of love, peace, unity, brotherhood, religious harmony, tolerance and respect of humanity.

Senior member of Executive Committee of Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) Muhammad Ejaz said that minorities have been playing pivotal role in national economical and political stability of Pakistan besides establishing durable peace globally as well.

The speakers and participants of the conference also expressed complete solidarity with the armed forces of Pakistan against their ongoing anti-terrorism operation in the country.

They said that the whole of the Pakistani nation stands united against terrorism and was ready to sacrifice even their lives to defend the every inch of the Motherland while battling against terrorism while shoulder to shoulder with armed forces of Pakistan.

Presiding over a meeting held to review the arrangements, Mayor Ch Tauheed Akhtar said that the main national flag hoisting ceremony would be held at the historical Sialkot Fort on Aug 14, 2018. He said that a large number of the people from all walks of life would participate in this colourful ceremony as well.

He added that this colourful and memorable main nation-flag hoisting ceremony would be held at the historical Sialkot Fort under the supervision of Sialkot Municipal Corporation, as the preparations for these celebrations were gaining momentum day by day here in Sialkot district as well.

He said that all the government and private buildings, including Iqbal Manzil (the birth place of Allama Iqbal), Govt.

Murray College Sialkot (the alma mater of Allama Iqbal), all the main streets, roads and bazaars were illuminated and decorated like the bride with national flags (in small and big sizes) and colorful buntings.

He said that the competitions of speeches, Milli Naghmas and seminars in connection with the National Independence Day would also be held at all the schools, colleges, universities under the supervision of the Sialkot district , in which the students will participate wholeheartedly to pay homage Pakistan as well.