The wave of change that is sweeping the entire nations seems to have blown past Sindh, leaving it unruffled and unmoved. Not only did the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) retain the provincial government with a sizeable margin – ensuring that it’s often criticized administration of the province continues without serious challenge – the party is also bringing back the same old faces to helm the government.

The most prominent of the returnees is his Syed Murad Ali Shah, who on his 56th birthday was formally nominated by the PPP to lead its provincial government for a third straight term in Sindh as chief minister. Agha Siraj Durrani has also set to reprise his role as the speaker of Sindh Assembly. The only new entrant in the top three positions in the government is Rehana Leghari as deputy speaker. While the ministries are yet to be divvied up, considering the trend displayed by the PPP it is difficult to see the party rocking the boat overmuch.

While an argument can be made that an effective government setup should not be upended, the need to inject new blood in the proceedings is paramount. PPP’s campaign was almost carried singlehandedly by party co-Chairman Bilawal Bhutto, who was the fresh face that the supporters of the party could rally behind. And it seems that Bilawal is cognizant of that fact; the co-chairman warned party members that the key slots were not meant for lifetime and only performance would decide the fate of the legislators. He also stressed that the party should “get ready for more transparent and merit-based governance to deliver to the people”.

At the moment however his words and actions are not lining up; while Bilawal stresses the need for change, the party continues to stand by its old leadership.