Pakistan's ambassador to the United States, Asad Majeed Khan on Tuesday said India's aggressive unilateral actions on Kashmir have posed a grave threat to regional peace.

In an interview with a private channel, he said issue of Kashmir cannot be settled unilaterally as this issue has been at the agenda of the United Nations for last 70-year.

The Ambassador said provocation has come from India while Pakistan wants peace in the region but India is not reciprocating positively.

He urged the international community to mediate to resolve the issue.

In another interview with the New York Times, Asad Majeed Khan said Pakistan and India are two major countries having nuclear capability and a history of conflict and if things get worse they will get worse.     

Reiterating Pakistan`s support for Afghan peace process, Asad Majeed Khan said Kashmir and Afghanistan issues are separate but the ongoing Kashmir crisis can affect Afghan peace talks as Pakistan might redeploy troops from the Afghan border to the Kashmir frontier which could complicate the peace talks.

He said India's crackdown on the disputed region of Kashmir, on Pakistan's eastern border with India could not have come at a worse time because Pakistan was seeking to strengthen military control along the western border with Afghanistan as part of efforts to help end the Afghanistan conflict.

He, however, said that Pakistan has always supported Afghan peace process and is still doing all it can.