The citizens of the United States (US) may find many differences between the political manifestos of the Republican and Democratic parties. But for many countries, especially the ones the US invaded since 2001, they are virtually the same when it comes to the US foreign policy. Many in Pakistan feared that the US Pakistan relations would not be the same after Donald Trump took control of the White House. But analysing the bilateral terms of the two nations, it is not hard to conclude that if President Trump has not been the best for Pakistan, he has not been the worst either.

US’ close allies, both India and Israel continue to abuse the innocent Kashmiri and Palestinians. The deafening silence of the US tells us that the American government has no concern for human rights when it comes to choosing between universal human rights and state interests. In the case of Pakistan, the only issue is Trump’s close relationship to Modi, because of which the White House completely ignores the military siege of Indian Illegally Occupied Kashmir. Admittedly, Trump’s administration sees India as a significant market but this has been a consistent policy of successive administrations in recent times.

However, it is not just republicans that remain mum over Indian excesses at home and abroad. Since the end of the Cold War, the democrats also dare not say anything against India. This is why Kamala Harris, the running mate of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, might also be par for the course in American politics in reference to their perspective on the Subcontinent and its politics. Undoubtedly, Joe Biden has played a political masterstroke at home, as with her nomination, both the African-American and Indian-American voter base would find it easier to get behind her.

Quite naturally, Ms Harris makes the Biden camp stronger in terms of electability, and in that sense, his Presidential campaign remains on course to mount a significant challenge to the Trump Administration.