Special Assistant to Prime Minister Shehbaz Gill has said misconception tried to spread on BRT project, on Tehreek-e-Insaaf’s project, the opposition was worried about closing of their business, Sharif family prefers such projects where commission is received.

The SAPM while addressing a press conference said a lot of people are unfamiliar with the surroundings of Peshawar. BRT has been compared with Metro Lahore, Multan and Islamabad. PML-N has to sell its own steel and cement.

He said that 3 parking plazas has been made in Metro Peshawar, BRT system has 4 plazas in which the arrangements of 300 shops and 1200 car parking has also been made. Lahore Metro has 3 Arab subsidies on it and traffic will also be reduced by making of BRT Peshawar.

"The PML-N prefers such project from where commission is received, Lahore Metro was constructed in almost Rs 30 Arab," he added. Lahore Metro Buses are rented and BRT has its own.

He said, "Smaller provinces also have the right of bigger projects, Peshawar BRT has 13 kilo-meters land." BRT Peshawar can’t be compared with Metro Lahore. BRT is 60 kilo-meter away from the main corridor, feed road is approximately 60 kilo-meters and main is 27 kilo-meters. BRT is 4 times bigger project then Metro Lahore.