ISLAMABAD - Spokesman of Agriculture Department said on Wednesday that government of Punjab under Smart Subsidy and National programmes is providing subsidy on phosphatic and potassic fertilizers and seeds of wheat, cotton, rice, sunflower, canola, moong, sesame etc. The spokesman said that funds for these products were available under both the schemes. However, due to the significant rise of demands of any specific product, the shortage of funds was observed and that was timely mitigated.  He said that monitoring of subsidy programmes has been made wherein farmers having land record computerized in PLRA were paid promptly and the remaining will be paid soon after passing through the subsidy process. He noted that a total of 350,000 farmers of Punjab obtained fertilizers subsidy and 100,000 farmers got benefitted from the seeds subsidy during FY 2019-20 through the e-voucher based smart subsidy scheme.  Spokesman further said that Director General Agriculture (Ext & AR) has issued instruction to Director & deputy director (Ext) to complete verification of e-vouchers as early as possible otherwise they will have to face disciplinary action. Spokesman also appealed to farmers to verify their unpaid e-vouchers at earliest so that payment against these vouchers will be made them.