KARACHI-TPL Trakker, Pakistan’s leading telematics company providing IoT, tracking, mapping and location based solutions, has partnered with the country’s leading on-demand ride-hailing and logistics service, Bykea to power its all-in-one mobile app.

Following the partnership, Bykea is going to use Location Based Service (LBS) APIs powered by TPL Maps, the mapping arm of TPL Trakker, to power their all-in-one mobile App for transportation, deliveries and cash on delivery payments.

The Karachi-based, homegrown startup accounts for over half of the bike ride-hailing market. Given the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, Bykea requires an efficient and cost-effective Location Based Services provider that is finely tuned to provide optimal, customized services. With the largest location based dataset covering 400 cities, 4.5 million geocoded addresses and 600,000 km of road network, TPL Trakker is ideally positioned to meet the needs of Bykea; supporting their continued growth and success in the On-Demand Digital space.

A significant number of startups and established businesses alike in Pakistan are testing and choosing TPL Trakker’s LBS APIs to make their assets location-enabled. In the year 2020 alone, TPL Trakker has grown its client base by 400% after partnering with several brands in the telecommunications sector as well as the On-Demand Delivery Services sector.

The two companies signed an agreement on 24th July, 2020 to finalize this partnership.

Speaking on the collaboration, Sarwar Ali Khan, CEO, TPL Trakker said, “Location based Services are the backbone of the On-Demand Services economy. We have seen Bykea grow and succeed over the years and we are proud to support their continued growth through our Location Based Service [LBS] APIs.”