KARACHI The City District Government Karachi (CDGK) has failed to maintain prices of food items, as the shopkeepers violate approved rates because of lack of surveillance. Enterprise and Investment Promotion (E&IP) Department of CDGK releases price list twice a month at least, of food items including cereals, rice, spices, tea, dry fruits and other edible items. Concerned officials of CDGK are responsible to ensure sale and purchase of listed items as per the given rates but concern departments seem reluctant to fulfil their responsibilities. DDO Revenue of CDGK at district level is responsible to establish complain centers operational in their respective jurisdictions and have authority to raid and arrest the violators of the law. Interestingly, seasonal appearance of the concern authorities likewise in the month of Ramazan witnessed the functioning of the department. According to the orders of Executive District Officer E&IP strict action in terms of fine would be taken under the law against the shopkeepers violating the given rate list and violator can also sent jail if required. Despite the existence of the said department, prices of the commodities and other edible items have frequently been soaring without being notified by the concern departments and the stuff have frequently been move forward from the approach of common man. A shopkeeper at Water pump market started the milk business couple of month ago, explained that inspections team of CDGK have frequently been raided and fine Rs. 5000 twice in the month of Ramazan. He further said that when made negotiations with the relevant authorities, they fixed the Rs. 3000 monthly and even informed before any raid usually conducted along the media teams. Obaid Ahmed, resident of Nazimabad while purchasing rice from shop near to his home told The Nation that due to inflation life of a common man has become miserable and the man depends upon the salary or working on daily wages unable to feed their children twice a day. Afshan Khatoon a housewife while shopping in the Nazimabad Market told that no one is providing relief to the people and the prices of the food items are increasing day by day. How a common man would spend money on other necessities of life like medical and education of children if monthly income does not even cover complete household items, she added. While shopkeepers claimed that the reason of increase in prices are wholesalers who sells items on higher rates and does not follow the given CDGK rate list. Shaukat Ali a shopkeeper of FB area when asked regarding violation of the rates given by CDGK said that the wholesalers are not following the rate list and selling food items on rates higher than the given. If the cost of purchasing from the wholesaler is higher than the rates mentioned in list then how can a retailer sell items on the given rates, he added. Another shopkeeper Raheemullah said that we are compulsive to violate the given rates of city government as the wholesalers are overcharging us. We are not overcharging its our compulsion if we follow the rates given in list then we would be loss and would not be able to bear our own expenses, he added.