This is directed to the Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (TEVTA). TEVTA issued two job advertisements, in January 2012. The first appeared in ‘Roznama Express’ on January 8, 2012. It was about different posts, including the post for instructor, for Government College of Technology, Lahore. The second appeared in ‘The News’ on January 29, 2012, which included the post of Assistant Manager (technical), for DM office Faisalabad.

I applied for both the opportunities. The procedure required the candidates to submit Rs 1,000 as registration fee for BPS 17 posts, which means I paid Rs 2, 000. It’s been ten long months waiting for a response from TEVTA, but I have not received any letter from them, when I call their office, they give the same reply that ‘You will be informed through letter.’ It is very discouraging for the younger generation who has worked hard to get education to see such irresponsible actions from authorities such as TEVTA, to make the candidates wait for so many months, especially when they have paid Rs 1000 for receiving registered post mail. This delay brings many kind of mental torture to candidates. Whatever the case, the authority should inform the candidates and explain the reason for not short listing them, especially when a candidate meets all their eligibility requirements. This slow response and delay does not set a good precedent for the people who look up to our government run organizations.


Faisalabad, December 6.