RAWALPINDI – The flour crisis has struck the city while the flourmills also raised the prices of flour and the administration is acting like a silent spectator. The flourmills have not supplied flour from last three days due to which the shortage of flour has been witnessed while the shopkeepers have increased the prices of flour. The president of Merchant Association Haji Saliheen and Secretary Ghulam Qadir claimed that if the supply of flour could not be improved within ten days the crisis of flour would be raised to a danger situation.

They claimed that the suppliers have not been supplied wheat due to which the mills are unable to supply the flour to the markets. They demanded from Punjab government to fulfill the demand so that they can supply flour as per their requirements in Markets respectively.  Meanwhile, the prices of Vegetables, Fruits, Chickens, Eggs, Sugar and Ghee have also been raised in open Markets while the price of flour has raised and one bag is being sold at Rs 700 instead of 650.

 The citizens have expressed concerns and have asked the Punjab Government to rectify this grave issue.