President Asif Ali Zardari’s counsel, Barrister Wasim Sajjad, said on Thursday that the president’s role was not merely symbolic and he had authority to nominate judges.

Barrister Wasim Sajjad completed his arguments during the Supreme Court’s hearing over the appointment of judges case and further said that the judicial commission had no authority to ascertain the seniority of judges.

While giving his remarks, Justice Tariq Pervaiz said that the parliament could authorise the President to nominate the judges.

Justice Arif Khilji wondered how could the court grant powers to the president, which were not given to him under the constitution.

Attorney General Irfan Qadir, while presenting his arguments, said that the President’s discretionary powers were explained under Article 48-1 of the Constitution.

Justice Gulzar Ahmed responded and said that the decision of the judicial commission and parliamentary committee was final and that the president could not use his discretionary powers over the matter.