ISLAMABAD - India violated the Indus Water Treaty (IWT) in terms of constructing several dams on Indus and other rivers of Pakistan and in most cases it did not inform Pakistan before starting the projects, Minister for Water and Power Tasneem Ahmad Qureshi informed the Lower House on Wednesday.

Tasneem Qureshi during the question hour in National Assembly while replying to a question raised by Sheikh Muhammad Tariq Rasheed told the house that India also started Chutak dam on Suru River, a tributary of the Indus, without informing Pakistan.

He also informed the house that India also started initial filling of Baglihar Dam without consulting Pakistan that is, once again, violation of Indus Water Treaty. But he said that in response to the strong protest of Pakistan, India assured to be careful in future.

On the issue of Chutak, Qureshi told that Pakistan raised the issue on the highest level in India then it provided the design of the project in November 2007.

On the issue of Baglihar Dam, Qureshi told the Lower House that Pakistan had taken up the case with neutral expert who determined that Pakistan’s objections were valid in 3 out of 4 design parameters on which Pakistan had objected.

Responding to another question he informed the National Assembly that Gomal Zam, Satpara and Darawat dams and Mangla Dam Raising Project were under construction and would complete during 2012-13.

He told the house that these dams would not only store 3.912 million acre feet of water but also generate 155.15 MW cheap hydel electricity. To another question, the minister said that South Korea was cooperating with Pakistan in water and power projects and was implementing a 147 MW Patrind Hydropower Project on River Kunhar under power policy 2012.

About the Neelum Jhelum Hyrdo Electric Power Project, Qureshi told the house that the project was going to be completed in 2016 as 40 of physical and electric work had been completed.

Parveen Masood Bhatti raised the issue that there was extra load on Multan Electric Power Company so the residents of Bahalpur region had to suffer due to long hours outages.

She asked that whether or not, Ministry of Water and Power was considering to establish Bahalpur Electric Power Company? Qureshi replying the question said that presently there was no such proposal but in future meetings, ministry might include it in the agenda to be discussed.

Firdous Ashiq Awan during the question hour in the lower house while responding to a supplementary question that how Ministry of National Regulations and Services in its 4 meetings approved 1600 drugs, said that the cases were being compiled for a long time and her ministry had dealt with them on the first come first server basis.

She was also asked that in the presence of Central Board of Film censors, vulgar Indian films were being released so what the institution was doing in that regard?

Firdous replying to the question said that every film is watched and passed by a committee that includes the representatives of investigation agencies as well. But she said that she would take care of the matter and would improve the censor process to the possible extent.