LAHORE : It is hard to convict the militants arrested during military operation in Swat under existing laws, says military commander in Malakand division Major General Ghulam Qamar. Talking to BBC at his office in Khwaza Khela, he said that all anti-terrorism laws had flaws and several amendments were needed.  He said that the evidences gathered during the Swat military operation was not sufficient to indict the arrested under existing laws.

The anxiety among people on the acquittal of terrorists by courts is justified, the major general said.

“An interim law empowering lawmen has been introduced to cope with the situation,” he said, adding that more amendments will be brought to address the issue.

To a question, he said:  “We bring a criminal with all available evidence to the court that decides the fate of the detainee.”

He discarded the possibility of resurgence of insurgents after release from a trial court for not being testified, saying that not only law enforcement agencies but locals also watch over them.