PESHAWAR - The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa cabinet on Wednesday approved the Local Government Act 2012 with certain amendments for divisional and district administrative setup for which a summary would be sent to Chief Minister for final approval.

Briefing the media after the cabinet meeting, Provincial Minister for Information Mian Iftikhar Hussain said that the cabinet meeting held, under the chair of Chief Minister Ameer Haider Khan Hoti, assessed the implementation of the previous decisions of the cabinet.

He said that the cabinet approved the restoration of the old local bodies system in the province, whereby the post of commissioner at division and deputy commissioners and executive magistrate at district levels would stand restored.

The cabinet meeting discussed various matters regarding the Local Governemnt Act 2012, amendment in Provincial Motor Vehicle Khyber Pakhtunikhwa Ordinance 1965, implementation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Medical and Health Institutions Ordinance 2012, Issuance Permission of for Bannu Sugar Mill Extension, Amendment in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa River Protection Ordinance 2002, Reforms in Religious Seminary and amendment in the Food Stuff Control Act 1958.

The cabinet was informed that in total 36 regular meetings of the cabinet 496 decisions were made out of which 460 have been implemented practically while 16 decisions of the cabinet are still pending.

He said that the cabinet was informed that due to lack of appropriate land for construction of new schools in the city, rented buildings would reserved for these news schools and for this purpose 130 million rupees has been allocated in the previous budget. Regarding Naway-Sahar Laptop scheme the cabinet was told that procurement committee would be set up comprising member of P&D and finance department beside representatives of NAB as co-opted members. In this connection names of position holders student are being collected from universities and boards and these laptops would be distributed at the end of December.

Mian Iftikhar Hussain said that the cabinet meeting also assessed the report of the committee formed for the implementation of Local Government Act to suggest administrative setup at district and divisional level.  He said that after the Local Government Act it was felt to review the administrative setup at district and divisional level and that is why a committee was formed under leadership of secretary establishment, secretary local government and secretary law to introduce a newt set up at divisional and district level and present its report before the cabinet. 

The cabinet also discussed the report and unanimously approved slight changes in district and divisional administration setup and under this proposed set up the grade of Deputy commissioner would be 19 while the grade of commissioner would 20 while grade of commissioner Peshawar would 21.

Similarly, the Health Department also proposed upgradation of district health officer and Deputy District Health Officer as grade 19 and grade 18 respectively.

Likewise, the Education Department proposed 50 vacancies for female distyrict Education officers and deputy female education officers while the head of the department would EDO.

He said that the Public Health Department has also created vacancies of Chief Engineer North and South in September 2010 and they had reorganized the department in which the vacancies of Chief Engineers, Directors, Superintend Engineer, two technical officers and four post of design Engineer while at district level seven posts of Superintend Engineer, 25 posts of Executive engineer and 60 post of SDO were proposed.

The meeting highly condemned the incident and lauded bravery of local people including security personnel’s. The CM termed role of local people in the incident as a positive change and the people responded on firing and came out of their homes for fighting the terrorists.

The martyrs included one army and one police personnel, who were present at home upon leave from duty. The CM said that the terrorists were arriving at targeting officers and Jawans in the police station but their attempt was foiled and they met their fate before entering the building. He lauded dutifulness and patriotism of both police and army personnel who preferred duty despite on leave.

Fateha was offered for martyrs of Bannu incident that had claimed lives of security personnel.