ISLAMABAD - Things are getting from bad to worse in Pakistan Cricket Association for Physically Handicapped (PCAPH) affairs.

The inside sources have confirmed to this correspondent that despite repeated attempts made by vice chairman Raja Imran Hussain and different directors to contact chairman Abbas Hashmi and settle all the accounts but Hashmi refused to meet them due to illness.

 The sources also confirmed to this scribe that all the handicapped players had staged a strong protest in front of PCAPH office for clearance of their outstanding dues while chairman blaming director finance and secretary Waqar Ahmed for non clearance of dues. Director Development and Media Nasir Mehmood, somehow, arranged Rs 80,000 or so and distributed Rs 5,000 each among 14 players and Rs 2,500 among the reaming four players and promised to clear all the long outstanding dues.

This scribe had repeatedly contacted Nasir Mehmood, director media for details of the expenditures spent on World Disabled Day cricket match, but Nasir kept on using delaying tactics and refused to provide any details and directed to contact finance director Syed Aamir Ali to get detail, who is an employee of NAB. Why PCAPH chairman and finance director are hiding facts and instead giving details of expenditures and income are playing hide and run game.

An inside source confirmed that chairman is in secret contacts with secretary Waqar Ahmed and has released a amount of Rs 100,000 the other day, which was distributed among some of his blue-eyed persons instead of paying all the disabled players. Both chairman and secretary must be made accountable for not demanding of PCCAI secretary Ravi Chauhan dues clearance amounting to Indian rupees 1,60,000 other the both gentlemen should make arrangement to clear players dues and prize money.

PCAPH chairman and some directors have collected huge amounts from different ambassadors, multi-nationals companies, Nadra, MOL, Jockey and some certain individuals and particularly from US embassy in the name of handicapped team, but the players are still waiting for their dues.

The sources said that despite repeated requests by vice chairman Raja Imran to convene PCAPH meeting and settle the issues, chairman and his close aides foil all such attempts just to hush up their wrong doings. On the other hand, chairman advised Aamir Ali to prepare fictitious bills showing huge expenditures, the source said. According to a source the PCAPH has spent around Rs 8 million on World Disabled Day match on December 3 which included traveling, lunch to India team hotel charges etc, and chairman spent such a huge amount on a one match in spite of clearing the dues of players.

The government should suspend the federation and form a high-level committee to investigate into the matter and to check the wrong doings of PCAPH chairman and management and orders for clearance of players dues forthwith. An honest body should be announced to handle the PCAPH till the completion of investigation.