ISLAMABAD - Some 300 future leaders of Pakistan attended Shabash Pakistan session here at NUST, as the campaign culminated with the third and final session at the campus.

Indeed this session was exceptionally captivating, while the cloud thunders Shabash was booming in early hours in the capital. An excellent motivating speaker from Islamabad Sarmad Tariq warmed the chilly environment in NUST auditorium. He was given a memorable standing ovation by the youth of Pakistan as he finished his motivational lecture. Just to recapitulate “Shabash Pakistan” is a nation branding movement started by the NUST & School of Leadership. The movement aims at reviving patriotism and “Pakistaniyat” in the youth of Pakistan to inculcate a sense of contribution in our future leaders.

It was the third session where Shabash entered into its final phase of ‘We From I to Us and now We Pakistan,’ says a press release issued here on Wednesday.

The theme of the third and final session was “Social Action Projects”. It took off with a review to the day two session of “Leadership in Action”. The participants were to come up with action plans for the problems they had identified in earlier sessions. The session specially emphasised on “Leadership in Action not position”.

The booming session was in fact a testament of the love our youth has for Pakistan. Sanna an exuberant science student, once asked how you feel about the whole session said, “I have never been to such a session and I feel ecstatic.” Shabash Pakistan third session started with a discussion with project leaders about their experience of bringing in the change.

Talking about the difficulties they faced while making efforts to achieve their goals, the leaders presented project reports that established authenticity and provided a platform to youth all cross the world to join in their efforts even if they have not been part of the Shabash Pakistan programme.

This was followed by an interactive session “Showcasing Pakistani Legend”. Including stories from a number of disciplines like sports; arts; technology; music and science, the session was aimed to inspire and motivate the youth to instead of underestimating themselves or losing hope in their nation, they strive more and more to register their names among those who have excelled in the same circumstances they are facing.

Next was the most important part of the whole event: nation branding. To achieve branding for our nation, it was told we need to give out a very strong message from our words and actions. We must learn to leverage the social and digital media for creating the image of our nation as a brand throughout the world; the participants were told how we can do that.

The session ended with “Plan Action” of the participants for sustaining their current projects, helping them to understand the ways they can involve the society in their projects for the benefit of all. A sumptuous lunch was a big morale boaster at the end for the students.