KARAK - The students of Postgraduate College Karak took to streets against delay in the acceptance of their longstanding demands here on Wednesday and blocked the Karak-Bannu road at Saddam Chowk for all kinds of traffic.

The students led by District President of All Students’ Federation Sanaullah Shah and Matiullah Khan boycotted their classes and marched from the college to Karak city. At Saddam Chowk the students blocked the Karak-Bannu road for traffic and the speakers addressed to the students.

On the occasion, the student leaders said in their addresses that hundreds students of the college were thirsting for single drop of water in the college and there was no water for drinking in the college.

They added that the bathrooms of the college remained closed or full of filth due to unavailability of water in the college.

The students’ leaders said that the electricity system in the hostels was out of order since long and the students have to use other sources for lighting in the hostels, which has badly affected their study schedules.

They also complained that there was no gas supply in the college and the hostels for the students. They added that hundreds students of the college were facing severe hardships of transportation to the college as the three buses of the college parked in the garages as it were out of order since long and the college administration reluctant to repair it.

The students added that even the facility of a traffic constable was not available to the students on college stop to make sure the stoppage of the public transport vehicles for the students as the private transporters were not ready to take the college students in their vehicles.