A couple of years ago, in India, after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, there was much political maneuvering to appoint Mr Rajiv Gandhi’s widow, Sonia Gandhi as the President of India. But the people and opposition parties resisted this move, due to one fact, that Sonia Gandhi was foreign born. Born in Italy, Mrs Gandhi has denounced her Italian citizenship in order to become the Indian Prime Minister, but after the bitter opposition to this move, she ended as the President of the Political party only and did not get any official government position. In Pakistan it is against the Constitution to hold a government post while having dual citizenship. The main factor being that when you are taking the oath of allegiance during your new citizenship you have to denounce any old allegiance. When the government officials and ministers were found holding dual citizens, while holding public offices, instead of apologizing and denouncing their other citizenships, they had the audacity to allow dual citizenship for every government post. Thus making a joke of the Constitution of Pakistan, as well as the allegiance and patriotism feel for their home land

Such people should have been tried under treason laws. While they are playing with the sovereignty of Pakistan why don’t they just sell it to a foreign country and get everyone another citizenship? At least then we won’t have to wait in long queues to get visas for other countries in the world.


Peshawar, November 24.