Imran Khan in many interviews and speeches repeatedly gives the example of Turkish Lira (currency) and Turkey’s progress. He reiterates that a decade before Turkish Lira was equal to 1 dollar. But then an honest leader came and now, 1.5 Turkish Lira is equal to 1 dollar. I don’t have much objection to the incorrect values of exchange rates. My objection is that he does not reveal that Turkish Parliament passed a law in 2003 which removed 6 zeroes from its original currency. Thus what was once 15lac lira automatically became 1.5 Lira. It was implemented on January 1, 2005 and today, one dollar makes 1.81 Turkish Liras. If he does so knowingly, it is active concealment and if unknowingly, then it’s innocent fraud. So, I would advise Khan to carefully research before making speeches in public, because he is a leader now, and in his very words, “A Leader does not lie”.


Hafizabad, December 4.