ISLAMABAD - SOS Children’s Villages of Pakistan has inaugurated its Youth Home project in the city of Multan with the much-needed financial support of Monsanto Fund, a private foundation and philanthropic arm of Monsanto Company.

SOS also has Youth Home projects in Lahore, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, Abbottabad and Sargodha.

At the inaugural of SOS Multan Youth Home Project in Multan, SOS Children’s Villages of Pakistan President Souriya Anwar thanked Monsanto for donating US+ACQ-50,000 (Rs 4.5 million) for the project. Lauding Monsanto’s initiative she said: +ACI-The project will certainly provide different facilities to orphaned youth and help this extremely needy segment of society.

Monsanto Pakistan Commercial Affairs Lead, Muhammad Ilyas Nadeem said that the company follows an elaborate CSR philosophy which entails consistent contributions in uplifting the society.

 wherever Monsanto operates and has previously supported the earthquake victims’ rehabilitation in 2005 and flood relief efforts in 2010. During the floods of 2010, Monsanto had donated a hefty amount of Rs 8.6 million to the World Food Programme (WFP) to support relief work for the flood victims in Pakistan. Apart from this contribution, Monsanto Pakistan’s staff also donated their salaries to alleviate the sufferings of thousands of flood victims.

Total area of SOS Youth Home is around 20,000 square feet. The first initiative was taken by Monsanto (Pvt.) Ltd. The Monsanto home houses 17 children aged between 12 to 18 years. The other house is sponsored by National Bank of Pakistan.

It also accommodates 17 children aged between 18 to 22 years. A much-needed Technical Training Centre is also part of the project, which has been sponsored by Embassy of Netherlands. Administration Block and a Community Centre have been completed with the donation of Mr. Imtiaz Sheikh. This facility, being looked after by trained and driven professionals, provides all of life securities to the orphaned and needy youth of SOS Multan and promises the sound future to the children.

Since 1964, the Monsanto Fund has worked to substantially and meaningfully improve people’s lives. Just as Monsanto Company has been the leader in innovative and sustainable agriculture, the Monsanto Fund has worked to be an innovative philanthropic leader, providing sustainable assistance to communities in need around the world. As agriculture evolves, so does the Monsanto Fund’s efforts to improve the lives of people around the world by providing resources to meet their needs.