We are proud of you Malala that you have brought respect to Pakistan’ name in the international community. Malala, who has been awarded with Noble Peace Prize is the first Pakistani girl who has achieved this prize. I am sure that this is a great inspiration for the young Pakistani girls, who have been deprived of education. The most important thing she said, when she was being awarded the Noble Peace Prize, was something we all want to say. She said the militants misuse Islam for their own barbaric interests.” This imparted to the world that neither Islam nor Muslims are terrorists or militants rather some criminals are doing all these barbaric acts.

She condemn them and said clearly that we don’t support their cause. This was an excellent message sent by Malala which should have been done by our political representatives at international forums. Our representatives have failed to do what has been done by this little Pakistani girl. Malala, as a nation, we are really proud of you.


Lahore, December 10.