FAISALABAD: State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali on Sunday said that Karachi operation would not be stopped due to blackmailing of provincial government.

While talking to a ceremony in Faisalabad, Abid Sher Ali said that the government still has an option on the matter of Rangers’ power in Karachi. He said that Sindh government may act dishonestly but the

federation stands with Pakistan Army and Rangers.

The Water and Power Minister pledged that the blood of martyrs would not go in vain and that the Karachi operation would be continued according to the suggestions and measures given by Chaudhry Nisar.

He reiterated that government’s main agenda is elimination of terrorism and crime from the state and assured that the Karachi operation is not against any political entity but against militants.

He added that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) should not forget the sacrifice of Benazir Bhutto. He advised the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) to remember the martyrdom of its leader Benazir Bhutto, saying blood of martyrs would not go waste.

Earlier, Federal Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar has said that Karachi operation is being detracked. He said that PPP should not make Karachi operation controversial over one person

Talking at a press conference, Chaudhary Nisar said that Karachi operation began on the request of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) while Farooq Sattar had said himself that Karachi should be handed over to Army. Citing Army’s commitments in war against terror, Nisar said that Pakistan Army cannot be made to stand in the streets of Karachi.

Nisar stated that there had been trivial differences with PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari in the past but there was no animosity between them. Nisar further added that making a mockery of Karachi operation and

Rangers will not be good for anybody.