While returning from Karachi after attending Book Fair held at Expo Centre, Ishtiaq Ahmed, second to none after Israr Narvi (Ibn e Safi) children’s detective novel writer, passed away at Karachi Airport departure lounge.

He inspired two generations of children with his Inspector Jamshed series novels embedded with moral lessons during eighties and nineties. In his autobiography “Meri Kahani” (My Story) published in 2015, he plainly narrated how tough life was for him and how he struggled to surface as a writer. He infused reading habit in children and by doing so served mankind by instilling silently & calmly moral values in new generation.

A kind hearted man who met everybody at Expo book fair with great humility, signed and wrote famous verse of Maulana Jalal ul Din Rumi on all his books “Zindigi be bandigi sharmindigi” (Life without devotion is disgrace), just one night before his death. May his soul rest in eternal peace.


Islamabad, November 19.