KARACHI: The main University Road and some streets leading to it were flooded following the bursting of a water pipelines near Baitul Mukaram mosque in Gulshan-e-Iqbal area yesterday. The valve of a 48-inch diameter water pipeline collapsed, inundating a large portion of University Road and other streets in the area.

In a similar incident a few hours earlier, the main water supply line burst near Aziz Bhatti Park and in result a big part of the area had submerged under water.

No one could have guessed in the next few hours another such incident would take place in an area adjacent to the one where a similar incident left many cars submerged in the water.

Residents of the area and other parts of the city are now concerned that the two incidents may lead to a major water shortage.

Officials today said that the water pipelines that were burst on Saturday have been repaired while 100 million gallon water has been wasted, creating water scarcity in the metropolis.

According to Managing Director Water Board Misbahud Din Fareed, “Karachiites will suffer a scarcity of about 100 million gallon water in coming days.”

“Water supply to Jamshed Quarter, Lyari, Clifton and Saddar among other neighborhoods of the city would be disrupted,” he said.

Meanwhile, a daughter and a mother who were going for an entry test in university fell into a drain due to inundated and muddy roads. The administration has still not taken any measure to clean the area which is further irking the local residents.