A suspected dacoit was allegedly killed by the firing of his accomplices during a shootout with police near Mustafabad, Kasur DPO Syed Ali Nasir Rizvi said.

The police officer said that a man namely Naveed made an emergency call on rescue 15, complaining that five dacoits snatched motorcycle, Rs12,000 and a cellphone from him in Rasoolpura area. He said that the dacoits were riding two motorcycles. Acting on the call, a team of the B Division Police, headed by its SHO, rushed to the spot. The team also radioed the call to other police stations and called in re-enforcement. In the meanwhile, the Mustafabad Police team came across the accused near Bhalu area. On seeing the police, the outlaws started indiscriminate firing and ran away. The police kept on chasing and when the police reached close, the accused again started firing on the police by taking positions along main Ferozepur Road. The police also retaliated and the crossfire continued for some time. Resultantly, one the outlaws got injured from the firing of his accomplice while other succeeded in fleeing the scene. He was rushed to the nearby hospital but died on the way. The police recovered the snatched motorcycle and a pistol from the dead dacoit who was identified as Zafar Iqbal alias Zafari.

The police said that he had been involved in more than 17 cases of heinous crimes including robbery, dacoits, murder and possessing illegal weapons. The police said that the dead dacoit was wanted by police in different police stations across Kasur District.