War is a state of an armed conflict between states and governments. It is generally characterised by extreme violence, aggression and destruction using the regular or irregular military force.

With passage of time, war strategies and advancement in weapons have tremendously changed. When there is a clash of national interests, indifference amongst the other nations, when efforts of reconciliations fail, and doors of diplomacy are closed - war becomes inevitable. War is a disaster over a country in which these is a great loss of human lives, human-rights violations over the civil population particularly the female population by the invading armies, destruction of industrial network, infrastructure and long-term national economy instability.

On the last day of second World-War an Atom-bomb had been dropped for the first time over two cities of Japan, as a result of which, the entire civil population had been wiped-out instantaneously, those who survived died of blood leukemia’s and the entire environment and the soil had become radio-active and non-productive for a long time.

In the present century, the weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons have advanced beyond imagination. Therefore even the concept of war should be horrible.

The third undeclared world war had started when Russia had committed a historical political blunder by attacked Afghanistan, fought the war with U.S, got defeated and disintegrated.

During the least twenty years, two wars have so far been fought over the battlefield of Afghanistan. The second “War on Terrorism” had started following the attack over the World Trade Centres of New York on 9/11 against Al-Qaida, considered to be a terrorist organisation.

U.S and the NATO forces after the attack on Afghanistan, after finding the ground realties there different and difficult had soon realised and decided to quit Afghanistan and left behind a token U.S force in Afghanistan.

During this long-period China and Russia have also emerged in the region as world powers. Another parallel war had been started long ago under a great game plan, when U.S and its allies, deciding to change the geography of the middle-east, toppling the governments had attacked Iraq just on basis of doubt that the president of Iraq Saddam Hussain was preparing the weapons of mass destruction, searched every inch of it, destroyed and devastated the entire country at the end found no such evidence. Moreover, the international agencies as well their own has also confirmed.

Lastly, the president of a sovereign Iraq had been hanged to death, which was the unique example of “the might is right” and a message to other Islamic governments in the regions.

The war-zone had then been shifted from Iraq to Syria, which is today the burning battle-field amongst U.S, I.S, Russia and Syria. Like Iraq, Syria has also been devastated by constant air attacks which has resulted heavy casualties of civil population, who have become homeless and are running for shelter in other countries, reluctant to accommodate them.

Efforts are being done for a long time to shift the war-zone towards Afghanistan and gradually into Asia, the most heavily populated regions to bear the brunt of war. God forbid, in case war flares up in Afghanistan, the regional countries like Iraq, Pakistan and India would all be sucked into the war. People of South Asia are sitting over a silent volcano. The second world-war affected western governments and the nations well-aware of the war-catastrophes are trying to keep away from war.

The political circles of this unfortunate country already have lost half of it, are un-aware and disinterested regarding the development and the conspiracies appearing around Pakistan.

They are therefore apprised to make-up and save the sinking economy, country and the people from the catastrophes from the selected ruling team of the Prime Minister, national policies, lack of co-ordination amongst its responsible ministers and their unnecessary press and T.V. interviews and the language used all these need a serious consideration and correction.


The writer is a senior citizen, who has

served the Ministry of Health, Kingdom

of Saudia-Arabia. At present, he is

working as a medical specialist in a

charity medical centre.