Islamabad-Islamabad police have arrested 1935 outlaws during the last 45 days and recovered valuables worth Rs 85 million, 33 stolen cars, 13 motorbikes and gold ornaments from their possession.

Briefing media on Wednesday about Islamabad police performance during the last 45 days, Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations) Syed Waqar Uddin Syed said that effective action was taken against land grabbers, drug pushers, especially those involved in supplying drugs at educational institutions and other anti-social elements. He said that Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar fully supported the police action against criminals and kept guiding the police officials regularly.

Highlighting the performance along with AIG (Operations) Sardar Ghayas Gul, the SSP (Operations) said that 291 drug pushers and bootleggers were held after registration of 263 cases and a total of 108.401 kilogram hashish, 23.980 kilogram heroin, 2.152 kilogram opium, 558 gram ice and 7152 wine bottles were recovered from them. He said that 23 cases were registered against 25 drug-pushers supplying drugs at educational institutions and 16 kilogram hashish, 3 kilogram heroin, 2 kilogram opium, 15 gram cocaine and 500 gram ice was recovered from them. During the same period, the SSP (Operations) said, 211 accused were held for their involvement in dacoities, burglaries and auto-theft incidents. He said that 153 cases against these accused were referred to courts while 33 stolen cars, 13 bikes, cash, gold ornaments and other valuables worth Rs 85 million were recovered from them.

Waqar said that effective action was initiated against the land grabbers in Noon as well as Koral police areas and 46 accused including their three heads were held. The police recovered three 222 bore rifles, two 12 bore repeaters, two 9 MM pistols, one 30 bore pistol and one 44 bore gun. Likewise, he said the similar action was taken against land grabbers in the limits of other police stations and 85 persons were held after registration of 20 cases against them.

The SSP (Operations) said that 121 persons were held for possessing illegal weapons after registration of as many cases against them while 11 Kalashnikovs, 9 carbines, 103 pistols and 1181 rounds were recovered from them. He said that crackdown was started against absconders and 158 proclaimed offenders were held during the said period. Police raided various gambling dens and nabbed 42 persons besides recovery of stake money worth Rs 77,425 and other items from them. As many as 1285 persons were held for their involvement in various cases of crime nature while 42 persons were nabbed during a crackdown against sheesha smoking. The SSP (Operations) said that police is taking action against land grabbers and drug pushers following the directions from the government and significant success has been achieved in this regard. He said Islamabad police is pursuing zero tolerance policy against corruption and an internal anti-corruption unit has been established. He said that every possible effort is being made to ensure protection to the lives and property of the citizens while ‘Open Katcheries’ are being organized to listen to the problems of citizens and to address them on an immediate basis.  Resolving public problems would be a top priority and no laxity in this regard would be tolerated by any police official, he concluded.

Meanwhile, Inspector General of Police (IGP) Islamabad Muhammad Aamir Zulfiqar Khan held a meeting with the heads/CEOs of private schools/institutions including director Pakistan Educational Institutional Regulatory Authority (PEIRA). The main focus was to formulate a mechanism by virtue of which Islamabad could be made a drug-free city. Issues relating to drugs being used by the students at educational institutions was contemplated and due consideration was given to sensitize not only the students but also their parents. All the participants gave fruitful suggestions to the IGP. Furthermore, role of private khokhas located around educational institutions and private tuitions centre was also highlighted in this regard. In order to make everyone more responsive and responsible, a seminar in collaboration with private schools will be held at Police Lines Headquarters on 15th January 2019. Student, teachers and parents will participate in this seminar.