ISLAMABAD - It is kind of Google tool that compiles the data of what people of a country had been searching during year.

According to a private television channel, list of most googled personalities of Pakistan during 2018 encapsulates some expected and some unexpected faces, is ranked as following;

1-Bushra Maneka: Many of us would have no feelings of being surprised after knowing that First Lady Bushra Bibi has topped the list.  Bushra Maneka’s name became one of the hot issues in mainstream media when a senior journalist broke news of her marriage with Chairman PTI Imran Khan. This news went viral on social media.  Initially PTI officials kept rejecting this news. But later on it was confirmed that Imran Khan had tied the knot with Bushra Maneka.

2- Meghan Merkle: Meghan is former American actress who became member of British Royal family upon her marriage to Prince Harry. She had been in relationship with producer and actor Trevor Engelson from 2011 until their divorce in 2013. Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle tied the knot in May 2018.

3- Meesha Shafi: Renowned Pakistani celebrity Meesha Shafi is actor, singer and model. She has worked in films like WAAR. Her spat with another renowned Pakistani figure Ali Zafar gave her 3rd position on list of most googled personalities during 2018 in Pakistan.

4- Reham Khan: Libyan-born British Pakistani journalist, author and filmmaker Reham Khan confirmed her marriage with PTI chairman Imran Khan on January 6, 2015 which ended on 30 October 2015 in a divorce.

Since then Reham has been known for her extreme flak on PTI. Before general election in 2018, she decided to publish her auto-biography that sparked controversy on social media.

5- Sylvester Stallone: Famous American actor Sylvestor Stallone is known for his Hollywood action roles likes boxer Rocky, soldier John Rambo in the five Rambo films.

6- Sonali Bendre: Ever since her debut in Bollywood film industry Sonali Bendre has been fans heart-throb. She got attention in news in 2018 when she herself broke the news that she had been diagnosed with cancer.

7- Atif Mian: Pakistan-American economist Atif Mian was choosed as member of Economy Advisory Council by Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. PTI govt faced criticism from several groups over appointment of Atif Mian. Later on he was removed from council on September 7 2018.

8- Hanif Abbasi: The prominent leader of PML-N Hanif Abbasi, who had been member of National assembly from 2002 to 2008 and again from 2008 to 2013, was sentenced to life in ephedrine quota case on July 22 2018. He was contesting against Chairman of Pakistan Awami League (AWL) Sheikh Rasheed. Abbasi was also disqualified for life from running for public office.

9- Iqra Aziz: Pakistani television sensation Iqra Aziz who has gained fame with her powerful acting skills in very short span of her career. She has been awarded best actress award for her performance in TV serial Muqadas.

10- Sunny Leone: Sunny Leone is a Canadian-born Indian-American actress and model. She is currently active in Indian film industry.