Larkana is involved among the districts where Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)/AIDS is on the raise. Recently, more than 25 new cases were reported in November 2018 in the HIV/AIDS treatment and Center in Larkana among which nearly 15 were the residents of Larkana district alone and approximately four women were estimated positive under the age of 40 years. According to estimation that that more than 40 cases of HIV/AIDS are being registered per month while the total number of patients in the center is almost 2,276.

Furthermore, Larkana is reckoned to be the district with the highest number of HIV/AIDS cases in Sindh province with more than 1,007 positive cases wile on the other hand, Shahdadkot district clenches the second number with more than 342 and the third facet is captured by Dadu district with nearly335 cases. Moreover, the experts believe that the only fountainhead of enhancing the HIV rate tremendously is lack of awareness among the people and not having some wrong way of sex which is a leading cause of HIV/AIDS in Pakistan. I request to the concern health authorities to conduct surveys and campaigns to spread awareness among the habitants to protect the habitants of Sindh.


Turbat, December 2.