TEL AVIV - Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) presented the details of Operation Northern Shield during the meeting with the Russian military officials in Moscow, where the two countries agreed to cooperate in Syria.

"During the meeting IDF officers presented details of Operation Northern Shield to their Russian counterparts.

A central topic that was discussed was the improvement of the two militaries' deconfliction system in the northern region ... The IDF will continue operating to prevent Iranian entrenchment and the arming of Hezbollah in Syria. The delegations reached an understanding and agreed to continue in their joint work," the IDF press release said.

The Russian side was led by deputy head of the Russian General Staff's Main Operations Directorate Maj. Gen. Vasily Trushin, while chief of the Israel Defense Forces Operations Directorate Major General Aharon Haliva headed the Israeli delegation.

Among the main topics of the negotiations was configuring the cooperation in Syria after the September tragedy, when a Russian Il-20 military plane was downed by a missile launched by a Syrian S-200 air defense system while repelling Israeli F-16 jets air raid.

In response to the crash, the Russian Defense Ministry blamed the Israeli Air Force, claiming that Israeli jets used Russian aircraft as a shield to protect themselves from the Syrian air defense systems.