At Lahore toll plaza motorway, there is no management and there is no rule. Everyone makes his own lane and moving without taking care of others. If a traveller covers the distance from one place to another in a time, but he gets stuck in the huge rush at toll plaza and people who are sitting in the window of toll plaza and give clearance to every car from toll, they are chill and work slowly. That is why within few seconds, the huge rush is created and it is totally wastage of time.

However, motorway management has paid no attention to this problem and they have no plan that how to overcome to this problem and give relief to public that public easily get cleared from toll plaza and safely reach on time on their destination. I request IG motorway to pay full attention to this problem and overcome to this problem as soon as possible. Make plan and don’t waste the time of public on toll plaza. Every single minute has its importance. I hope IG motorway will solve this problem.


Lahore, December 2.