ZAHEDAN - The 1500-kilometre-long Makran Coast, stretched half each between Pakistan’s Balochistan and Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan province, is similar to wings of development for the two nations, the Governor General of Iranian southeastern province has said.

Investing in the infrastructures of Makran Coast can uphold the dignity of the two nations, said Ahmad-Ali Mohebati in a meeting with Chief Secretary of Balochistan Akhtar Nazir on Tuesday evening.

“Chabahar and Gwadar ports can also in turn serve as wings of development for Makran Coast,” Mohebati said.

Utilising the capacity of two ports in Iran and Pakistan including establishing border markets and economic free zones, can effectively improve the life of people on both sides of border, he added.

He stressed that the border habitants in southeastern parts of Iran and western parts of Pakistan had kinship relations with each other, for which the governments should facilitate legal cross-border commuting.

Iran exports petrochemical gasses, fuels and electricity to Pakistan, the Iranian Governor General added.

He said that Iran followed up the correction of Mirjaveh-Zahedan-Kerman Railway to replace Mirajaveh as Iran’s main trade portal with Pakistan instead of current Bandar Abbas-Karachi sea lane.

He stressed that Iran and Pakistan had high-level friendly relations.

Akhtar Nazir said that development of Gwadar Port would play a key role in the development of Pakistan with road and airport infrastructure.

He said that establishment of border markets was emphasised during the joint border meeting with Iran’s Sistan-Baluchestan provincial officials.

In addition to Iran-Pakistan’s 921 kilometers of joint land borders, the special geographic location of the two countries has enabled them to play critical role in the region’s security.