KAMALIA - A walk was organised by Environmental Protection Department to create awareness among the people regarding injurious effects of smog and the ways to avoid them here the other day. The walk was led by Inspector Environment Protection Department Irfan Khatran. Officials of Social Welfare Department, Rescue 1122, members of civil society and a large number of people participated in the walk.

Explaining the phenomenon of smog, Irfan Khatran said that smog was actually the name of airborne pollution which not only suspended all walks of life, but it also caused various diseases and even plants and animals were affected by it. “In addition to the government efforts, the citizens should also play their role in learning about smog so that they could save themselves and their families. We should take precautionary measures such as using a mask when going out, washing hands and face with fresh water after arriving from outside, putting a handkerchief.

 or tissue on mouth when sneezing or coughing, using a helmet or goggles when riding a bike, keeping the doors and windows closed in the early morning and in the evening, refraining from using cold drinks to avoid falling a victim to the bad effects of smog,” he said.