According to our constitution, the tenure of an elected govt is 5 years. During this period, the party in power has to achieve targets mentioned in its election manifesto. If the party fails to do so, it can die by swallowing its own pledge in the elections. It is too early to taunt the PTI for its actions or lack of action.

The opposition job is to monitor ruling party’s performance and suggest a remedial measure when the government deviates from the right path. On the one hand, the criticism by opposition must be based on facts and not for the sake of it. On the other hand, the ruling party should try to take solid steps that lead to progress in a solid manner, not just half-baked attempts to gain the popular vote.

For example, the last government of the PMLN, just to get credit and gain votes, inaugurated the new Islamabad International airport without taking all the required measures. The airport is located far from Islamabad and Rawalpindi, in Tehsil Fateh Jang, district Attock and seems open to every kind of danger. There is a long stretch of road from the initial check point where guards only check NIC of the driver to the terminals. This stretch of road seems open and exposed from all sides to possible attacks. Given the location and the length of the unprotected area, the few unarmed men deployed don’t seem enough.

Another alarming aspect is that the airport does not fall under jurisdiction of the Islamabad police. This came up when the CJ summoned the IGP Islamabad during the hearing of a case of manhandling of a PIA officer by a minister of GB at the Islamabad airport. The IG informed the court that the airport did not come under his jurisdiction. This indicates the negligence of the outgoing government, which did not think through the security and safe transit issues related to the new airport. They were just in a hurry to inaugurate it to have their name associated with it. The new government should take immediate steps necessary to train and equip special units for the airport and take measures to properly safeguard the access points as well as the roads leading to the airport.


Islamabad, December 2.