Culture creates unity among the people of any nation. The one of Pakistan’s provinces Sindh is also famous for it’s cultural Norms, values & traditions. The Sindhi Topi & Ajrak is the identity of the people of Sindh. The people across the province are celebrating cultural day with full of joy, devotion & dedication to give a message of love, peace & harmony to the world. The little Children, men & women of Sindh are celebrating cultural day with their tradition. Specially on the occasion of Cultural day, children, men & women of Sindh wear Topi & Ajrak with tradition dress to promote their culture. Sindhi people while celebrating cultural day, express love & loyalty for Sindh Dharti (land).

Although people of the province are loving, peaceful & a simple in nature but they also generous & famous for the hospitality. The Sindh government must provide basic faculties to the people of the province so that Sindhis can promote their culture to every part of the world.


Dadu, December 3.