LOS ANGELES (CM) A$AP Rocky wanted to ‘’spread love and have fun’’ on his return to Sweden.

The 31-year-old rapper spent a month in jail in Stockholm over the summer when he was arrested following a street altercation, and was later found guilty of assault alongside his co-defendants BladimirCorniel and David Rispers, but after leaving the country in August, he vowed to return and made a pointed statement with his stage setting when the curtain rose at the city’s Ericsson Globe Arena on Wednesday.

Rocky had a giant metal cage, which looked like a prison cell, with male dancers trapped inside, and they attempted to break free as soon as the rapper broke into song. He later joined them inside the cage for a rendition of ‘Babushka Boi’.

Despite the star’s insistence he was there to ‘’spread love and have fun’’ and not discuss his treatment at the hands of Swedish authorities, the show still included a number of references to the incident, including a simulated arrest.

At one point, Rocky joked he felt like ‘’an honoree Swede as this point’’.

The ‘Praise the Lord’ hitmaker - whose real name is RakimMayers - had originally wanted to perform at Kronoberg prison, where he was held over the summer, to highlight the issues they face and give back to those who had helped him, but the concert was vetoes by Sweden’s prison board due to logistical and security issues.

However, Rocky still vowed to do what he could to help those less fortunate in the country.