Smog is a serious health hazard, especially in new Delhi, Punjab and lahore is a mixture of most polluted air entering in India with burning crops by the farmers. Similarly, people are suffering for taking breathe, after a sudden spike in Lahore’s Air Quality Index (AQI) from less than 200 to more than 500 late on Wednesday and announced closure of public and private schools, this is the first time that smog has forced closure of schools. Smog at abnormally high levels right now in Lahore.

Dangerously, the itching air, complicating respiratory systems of the people, was alarming by the evening. On the other hand, the sudden rise in smog stemmed from the change of direction of wind, which brought smoke and other pollutants from India. As a result, they predicted that rain on Thursday would improve the air quality. And government of Pakistan needs to seek change in Air Quality Index measurements system and implement against of air policy.