ISLAMABAD - Scrutiny Committee of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Thursday resumed its probe into the foreign funding case against the ruling PTI.

The commission summoned the PTI counsel on December 24.

Yesterday, the petitioner of the case and one of the founding members of PTI, Akbar S Baber, appeared before the committee and showed his reservations over the progress of the committee formed by the ECP for the investigation.

Later, Akbar told the media that he was not satisfied over the progress of the scrutiny committee. He further said that the ECP should be functional on urgent basis otherwise; he would raise the case in a superior court.

He claimed that the government was using delaying tactics to escape accountability in the foreign funding case.

He said that in its fresh meeting the ECP scrutiny committee had made no progress as PTI demanded copies of the replies he had filed with the ECP before responding to the allegations of financial wrongdoings.

According to him, the committee was formed in March 2018 to conclude the scrutiny of PTI foreign funding in a month. However, its mandate was extended indefinitely as PTI was allowed to delay scrutiny on one pretext or the other.