KARACHI           -            Sindh Local Government Department in collaboration with World Bank and Asian Development Bank was going to initiate Rs 400 billion projects for up­lifting Karachi’s infrastructure and to provide basic civic necessities to the people. This was stated by Secretary Local Government Roshan Ali Shaikh in a meeting convened after the Min­ister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah directed concerned officials to bring reforms in the department.

“Karachi Water and Sewerage Board Service Improvement Project, Click Projects for Union Councils heads, im­provement schemes for landfill site and garbage transfer stations and Karachi mobility projects would be completed at a cost of Rs 300b in collaboration with the World Bank. Whereas Red Line and Orange Line Bus Rapid Transit projects would be completed with the assistance of Asian Development Bank,” the Sec­retary added while giving details of the  projects. He said that in the current fiscal year, the provincial government allocated Rs 36b in the head of dis­trict Annual Development Programme (ADP) for entire Sindh out of which Rs 22b was allocated for Karachi only. He said that district governments would directly get the property tax paid across the province.

Speaking on the reforms—Sindh government planned to bring in the KW&SB—Shaikh said that a private person could also be appointed as the board’s managing director be­sides the government official for a period of six-month. Shaikh stated Karachi was a ‘dream city’ three or four decades ago but it suffered a lot with passage of the time. He was of the view that lack of coordination between ‘too many’ civic bodies in the city was the biggest issue.

“On the Local Bodies Minister’s direc­tives, we are brining reforms in the entire department. Public Private Partnership unit would also be established at local government department on the pattern of the finance department,” he concluded.