The education system of Pakistan is declining day by day and the reason is the same as a decade ago; irresponsible teaching and unchanged curriculum. Besides government schools being hopeless, private schools are no better. Firstly, a great number of private schools have been registered of which only few are providing quality education. Most of the schools even after charging a high fee from students are hiring unqualified teachers for even 9th and 10th standards in low salaries. These less educated and even highly educated teachers in colleges advise students to learn past question papers of 10 years rather clearing their concepts. Passing the examination matters more than learning.

Also, the curriculum is so former that our parents have learnt the same we are learning today. I request to the private school association to survey all the private schools all over the country as supervision is desperately needed to make sure that no unqualified teacher is being hired and only quality education is being provided to the students.