While winter’s come the street crime rates are getting increased. Peoples are scared to come out from their homes after 9pm. According to the latest statistics of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics website, Punjab is on continuously top listed province in street crimes since 4 years. Rawalpindi is the major city that is facing more street crimes then the other cities of Punjab.

In Rawalpindi, Snatchers that are more active in winter’s night especially in the areas where street crimes are rapidly grow in winters are Raja Bazar, Murree Road and Tench Bhatta. Peoples of those areas are very angry on concerned authorities to take an immediate action. Dolphin squads were deployed at these spots with the objective to focus purely on crime control. But they fail to fulfil their objective. This special task force have no special impact on the rate of street crimes, they serve mainly in roads at daylight only.

I hope concerned authorities will take an immediate action to solve the streets crime issue of Rawalpindi city.