According to a report in an English daily, federal Minister for Religious Affairs Maulana Hamid Saeed Kazmi and his wife got their seats upgraded from economy to business class in a London-bound flight from Islamabad on November 22, 2009 without any charge, causing an approximate loss of revenue of Rs.135, 000-150,000 to the almost-bankrupt national airline, PIA. One wonders is this the way a religious personality that practices honesty should behave. It seems particularly out of line with reference to the austerity campaign of Maulanas Prime Minister also. To quote a similar precedent from personal memory may not be self commendation here. I was entitled by rank to first class travel. I flew to Chicago by first class for a stay of two years in connection with designs of the Mangla dam. Some time prior to my return in September 1960, the government, because of financial stringency, made an appeal to officers entitled to first class travel to fly instead in the 'tourist class (now called the economy class). For my return journey to Pakistan I got my first class ticket downgraded to tourist class. That was the spirit at the time. -B. A. MALIK, Lahore, February 12