US Vice President Joe Biden, in an interview with CNN, has said that Pakistan is his biggest worry. Indeed, he said that he is more concerned about it than Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan and explained that this was so because Pakistan is a 'fragile nuclear-armed democracy. Mr Biden, like the rest of the members of the Obama Administration has turned out to be a victim of Pakistan phobia. Once seen as a voice of sanity during the election campaign; a person who would not see things in black and white and neutralise Obamas hostility and Hillarys fears about us, the Vice President seems to be taking a lead in the smear campaign against Pakistan. It bears pointing out that Mr Biden remarked that Pakistan was not a functional democracy in the sense that they knew it. One wonders what kind of a democracy prevails in the US, which gives room to the state to be an international bully, setting in motion a reign of terror in the name of war of terror, almost taking on the character of a fascist entity. It has been raining down missiles on innocent people around the Muslim world with impunity. So where does the US itself stand as a democracy? Mr Biden must first ponder on that. Secondly, the US is the biggest worry for Pakistan and not vice versa. As America is being humiliated and ousted by the brave Afghans and is in the process of getting out of the sticky situation, it is Islamabad, which is being made a scapegoat. The US has not only stepped up missile attacks in the tribal areas but has also unleashed a diplomatic offensive to defame the country as the epicentre of terrorism in the world. Today, our economy is in the doldrums on account of an uncertain security situation, as the spate of bloody attacks continue to rock the country. Even at a time when the US is engaged in placating the Taliban, it is pressurising us to open up more and more fronts. Worse still, the promise that it would rescue Pakistans economy with substantial aid and assistance seems nowhere near fulfilment. The US is undoubtedly the biggest worry for Pakistan.