ISLAMABAD Alleging the Government for bulldozing proposals regarding judges appointment through Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Reforms, Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, Ch Nisar Ali Khan, on Friday said that PML-N would not become a part of any unconstitutional move of the Committee. Speaking on the point of order here in the National Assembly, Nisar said that despite the commitment of Prime Minister, judges had not been yet appointed while constitutional committee regarding judges appointment was adopting the political attitude. We cooperated with the Committee but now it is being used to shield the leaders, he said. He stressed upon the Government to abide by the Constitution and give respect to the House. He alleged that Government was violating the Constitution and law by delaying appointment of judges in the superior courts. He added that the elected Government would have to fulfil its promises otherwise system couldnt run smoothly. Talking about the issue of National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, he said that President Zardari was the Chancellor of the varsity but he had no influence in handling the affairs of the university. Brigadier Ranjha was called to resign but the issue does not stop here. An FIR should be registered against him, Nisar said. He further said that National Assembly Standing Committee on Education should also take notice of the issue. He also criticised Government for not bringing a resolution on Dr Aafia issue. Responding to the points of the Opposition Leader, Minister for Labour and Manpower Syed Khurshid Shah said the Government was determined to implement Charter of Democracy (CoD) in its true spirit. He said the Government was implementing the Charter of Democracy from the first day and was working on a strategy to implement Parliament-related issues of the document through consensus also. He was of the saying the Government was not in a hurry on any issue and intended to implement CoD with consensus. Syed Khurshid Shah urged all political forces to show patience on all issues as the Constitutional Reform Committee was discussing very sensitive issues. He said the Government believed in political reconciliation and would accept the decision of the Parliament on any issue including the procedure of appointment of judges in the superior courts through constitutional amendments. Referring to the issue of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, Khurshid said that it was decided in the House Advisory Committee the previous day (Thursday) that the Opposition would table a resolution regarding her release and the House would pass it with consensus. But he said the Opposition did not move the resolution and offered Governments support if it was moved. The Minister said, Criticism is part of democracy but we should not create an atmosphere, which can benefit other forces. Later, the Federal Public Service Commission (Amendment) Bill 2010 was introduced in the House but was opposed by PML-N legislator Zahid Hamid. On the occasion, Ch Nisar said the Prime Minister had been calling for transparency and rule of law but today the Government was going to pass a bill, which was issued by a dictator. He said it would use to recruit the favourites and would also reduce the powers of FPSC. However, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani said the Government fully adhered to the transparency and merit in the appointment and promotions of the public servants at all levels. Speaking on Federal Public Service Commission (Amendment) Bill in the National Assembly, he said that Government had appointed a credible and honest man as Chairman FPSC to ensure transparency in appointments. He said that Central Selection Board had been convened twice during his tenure for promotion of public servants from Grade-20 to 21 and he had never favoured any person for promotion and implemented the recommendations of the Board. He said that it was a normal practice for former prime minister Shaukat Aziz to intervene in the proceedings of the Selection Board and use influence in promotions but the present regime believed in pure merit. Later the House began discussion on an adjournment motion regarding construction of Baghlihar and Kishan Ganga dams and Wullar Barrage by India on the rivers in violation of Indus Basin Water Treaty, which is causing blockade and deficiency of water to Pakistan. The MNAs have deplored India for constructing various dams on the rivers providing water to Pakistan that was resulting in serious problems for Pakistan. Taking part in the discussion on an adjournment motion, they said that Indian actions were causing deficiency of water to Pakistan that could result in drought situation. The members said that India had constructed a twenty-eight mile long tunnel in Kargil area to get water of Indus River, which was also clear violation of Indus Water Treaty. They said that it was also matter of concern that India was pursuing Afghanistan to stop water of Kabul River. They urged the Government to take effective measures to stop India from these illegal actions and claim penalty against damages. They also called upon the Government to launch a diplomatic campaign to stop India from causing damaged to Pakistan. The members condemned the previous government for not concentrating on the water issue and focused only on war on terror. They said that India took advantage of their irresponsible attitude and constructed a number of dams on the rivers providing water to Pakistan. They said the Government should raise the issue on international level and demand the compensation of the Indian government as Pakistani farmers had suffered a lot due to water shortage. Those who spoke included Barjees Tahir, Marvi Memon, Malik Shakir Awan and Parveen Masood Bhatti. Responding to a call attention notice regarding stopping of women from voting in the by-elections in Mansehra, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Mehreen Anwar Raja said that Government was committed to protect rights of women and would take every possible step in that regard. She said the Constitution had given the right of franchise to women and no Jirga could stop them to use their right. She said that women comprised 50 percent of the population and they could not be deprived of their rights. The Minister said that there was need for new legislation to bind every voter to cast the vote irrespective of gender. The movers speaking on the call attention notice called upon the Government to take measures to ensure involvement of women in the election process. Miss Nausheen Saeed and others moved the call attention notice.