LAHORE - The government should formulate a high-level inquiry commission comprising tribal elders, politicians and Ulema of all sects to adopt a joint strategy over national issues confronting the nation. It should be authorised to take decisions on safeguarding geographical and ideological boundaries of the state. These views were expressed by Govt College Muzafargarh Assistant Prof Islamic History Department Mian Ashiq Hussain and Govt College Muzafargarh Associate Prof History Department Mohammad Khaliquz Zaman Junaidi while addressing at a Forum organised by The Nation here on Friday. Mian Ashiq said that Pakistan should take extraordinary measures to protect Gwadar Port because of its strategic importance. He said that the US intended to occupy our resources besides blocking the route to China. Almost 70 per cent oil in Asia is transported through Gwadar Port. India cannot receive even one litre oil from other countries if we do not permit it to use our port, he added. He said that a new intelligence agency carrying name Research and Analysis Mili Afghan (RAMA) constituted by the Afghan government in Jabul Siraj, district of Parwan province, in collaboration with Indian intelligence agency RAW, Russian Intelligence agency KHAD and Central Intelligence Agency CIA of the US had been operating to destabilise Pakistan. He further said that all the terrorist activities in Pakistan were being perpetrated by the RAMA. Speaking on the occasion, Prof Khaliquz Zaman said that media should play positive role for the promotion of nationalism besides creating awareness about two-nation theory. He said the US had vested interests for which it wanted to disintegrate Pakistan. We teachers on our part are imparting glorious realities of Muslim History to our students, he maintained. Appreciating the role of Editor-in-Chief The Nation Majid Nizami, the speakers said that Nizami was playing a commendable role for uniting the pioneer party of Pakistan, Muslim League.