ANGELINA Jolie allegedly thinks Jennifer Aniston is trying to turn people against her. The Tomb Raider star is convinced the former Friends actress has painted her as a witch. Its horrible whats happening to Ange and she doesnt know what shes done to deserve it, a source told Britains Now magazine, referring to rumours Brad and Angelina are set to split. All she does with her life is try to help people. Theres no doubt in her mind that Jens behind this. Obviously shes never forgiven Ange for being with Brad and has been out to get her since. Im not kidding, the gloves are off now when it comes to that woman. Shes been nothing but a menace ever since Ange got together with Brad. But Ange just isnt going to stand for it any more - shes fighting back. Jolie has apparently been inundated with hate mail over the past couple of weeks and has now doubled security at her LA home and doubled the amount of bodyguards who accompany her when she travels. Shes living in fear, the source added. Its pretty clear whats turned the fans against her. Jen has fought a clever PR campaign for the last five years, although theres no suggestion Jens behind the hate mail. Angelinas tried to turn a blind eye, but its backfired. Now it seems people will do anything to get her out of the way. Angelina suddenly feels like shes become Jen. Suddenly its her whos the boring wife figure, whos trying to dominate Brad; suddenly its her whos ruining his life. She used to be the fun, one no man could resist. But because Brads so laid-back and a guys guy, shes had to step into the role of being the mature partner. She cant believe how things have turned. SS