LAHORE - A three-member bench of the Lahore High Court Friday issued notice to PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif on a constitutional petition seeking his disqualification as a candidate for NA-123 by-election. Shahid Orakzai, a freelance journalist, has filed the petition saying that after 1993 general election, Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif had struck an oral deal under which they would give Rs17.5 million to him (applicant) for purchasing loyalty of seven MNAs of FATA in the then speakers election. He alleged that Sharif brothers had paid Rs10.05 million to him in advance and he purchased loyalties of Haji Barooz Khan, Malik Bismillah Khan, Abdul Qayyum, Haji Arsalan Khan, Muhammad Zulfiqar, Muhammad Afzal and Haji Muhammad Shah Afridi. He said PML-N lost speakers election and its the then general secretary Sartaj Aziz blamed that the said seven MNAs did not cast votes to PML-N candidate i.e., Gohar Ayub Khan. Later Nawaz Sharif declined to pay remaining amount. The petitioner has prayed to the court that Nawaz Sharif might be summoned to explain whether he had not negotiated deal in presence of Sartaj Aziz, Saifur Rehman and his brother Mujeebur Rehman. He said Sartaj had also promised to MNAs from Fata to give them Rs1 million each after the election but he backed out from him words. He said every candidate had to give details of criminal cases against him at the time of filing nomination papers. But Nawaz Sharif only gave details of three NAB case pending against him. He omitted the details of Supreme Court attack case. He requested to the court to reject his nomination papers. Nawaz Sharif is not contesting election but his nomination papers were accepted by the election commission.