LAHORE City District Government has announced to maintain ban on the celebrations of basant in the City in the light of the Lahore High Court decision and that violators will be dealt with strictly. This was decided after a meeting between the Kite Flying Association and the district administration here on Friday. According to DCO Sajjad Bhutta, in light of the LHC decision, basant could be allowed to be celebrated only if a guarantee is furnished to the court that no loss of life would come to the citizens in the event. However, the Kite Flying Association has refused to give such a guarantee. Kite Flying Association General Secretary Sheikh Saleem said the association cannot make sure that no loss or harm would come to the lives of the citizens in case of basant therefore they had shunned the idea of announcing celebration of this event. Sajjad Bhutta said the administration would ensure implementation of the Lahore High Court decision with full force and would not let anyone celebrate the event. He said in the course of implementing the LHC decision, any one violating the same, no matter how high office he is holding, would be taken to task according to law and no concession would be given to him. He said kite-flying would not be allowed at any place including the Governors House. He said violators of the basant ban would be liable to imprisonment of three years or a fine of Rs 100,000 or both concurrently.